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My Female Boss Forcefully Wants me to Satisfy Her so That She Can Give me Favours at Work – Man Lament

Jack, a married man with three children, did not know what to do next after his female boss asked him to sleep with her so he could get favours from her in return.

According to Jack, he has been happily married for 10 years now and all has been well, but recently he is facing a dilemma he has never faced before.

It’s been seven years since Jack has worked under a female boss at the company he currently works for, but she has refused to give him a promotion despite his excellent job performance. In order to seek a promotion, Jack decided to ask her manager why she was so harsh on him when it came to promotion at her company.

The female employer didn’t mince words when she stated that she had turned down the majority of his promotion requests because she wanted to have a sexual relationship with him first and then make things easier for him.

Jack is worried about losing his job. Jack is afraid to turn down the woman’s advances since she has a high-ranking position at work and he needs the promotion because he’s his family’s breadwinner. What advise do you have for Jack?


  1. I advice you to report this. case to your National Labour Union and Human wright. Commission in your Country for stagnating your Promotion, subjecting you in to hardship and fraud for legal action to force her . pay you compensation before leaving the company . Finally, do not do. the. wrongs . Remain bless.

  2. It’s something unbecomble in Africans tradition for a mother to palyed sex with the son, shame on you lady.
    May God Almighty father granted this son agood passage and never accept her I’ll intention again, after you confess to God.

    1. It’s a tough decision, have been in that shoe before in my former employer before l resigned and two weeks later another job better than where l used to be. Take it to God in prayer but don’t give in what God can not do doesn’t exist.

  3. It is not good enough for a boss woman to seduce a junior worker under her, with a promise of sex before due promotion in the office. If that’s the only way out, let Jack give in to her boss’s pre-condition then!!! Wonders shall never end !!! Temptation !!!

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