Mother In Shock After She Saw Her 4-Year-Old Son Playing With A Big Python

A worried mother has come out boldly to share her fears with other people out there to see if there would be any useful advice as to what action she should take. She has narrated how she came back from work only to find her 4-year old son playing with a huge snake.

She said she has tried the best she could to send the snake away but whenever she tries, the child cries in anger. She said she never dreamed of this kind of friendship and the life of her baby son is in danger as her son could be crushed and swallowed any minute if she doesn’t act fast.

She has consulted snake experts but they said the snake could not be sent away and that even if it is done, the snake will trace the baby to anywhere he is in the world. “They said my baby has some kind of bond with the snake which I have failed to believe. I have come out publicly to ask for help. If you know of anything 8 could do to send this dev away from my son, please tell me.” She said

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  1. There has never been or there will never be a normal bond between snakes and Humans so it must definitely be a spiritual bond and the child needs prayers from a real and strong man of God.

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