Moment Feli Nuna popped up on live TV wrapped in a white towel only, wild photo drops » ™

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Songstress Feli Nuna has caused massive waves on the internet after she appeared for an interview session on TV wrapped in a big white towel and nothing else.

The singer whose relevance has waned considerably, obviously did that to resuscitate her diminishing career as this gimmick was designed to get her name on the lips of everyone.

Per the photo which is gradually gaining momentum online, Feli Nuna whose real name is Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah also had a towel wrapped on her heard serving as a head wrap.

The interview which was probably centred on her career, proceeded without any hitch whatsoever despite the baggage of distraction she provided.

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In other news trending on Ghbase.com, Ghanaian man activated his anger mode to the extreme when he walked into a barbershop to have a haircut, only to be told he has to pay a cool ¢30.

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The man was utterly shocked and started throwing tantrums, including slamming the barber for the outrageous price at a time when Ghanaians are suffocating under the managerial ineptitude of president Nana Akufo Addo.

“This is nonsense,” he kept repeating. 

The barber explained that the price was cool and for the ‘mere’ sakora (clean-shaven) haircut he wanted, and that was how much he had to dole out.

One customer was heard trying to calm him, but his attempt proved futile as he stormed out in anger and muttered his utmost disgust under his breath.

Watch the video here…

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