Mix Milk And Bitter Leaf Water Together, To Solve These Health problems

Bitter Leaf is a very common leaf in Nigeria and it has a lot of health benefits, but a lot of people has decided not to give it due regards due to its locality and civilization that has come on board, then forgetting the fact that local medications have always proven beyond doubt.

In here you will learn how you can use bitter leaf and milk to make medication.

Below are procedures to follow;

– Get some fresh bitter leafs and wash thoroughly in a clean bowl with water.

– Extract out the juice in the bitter leaf, by squeezing and adding little water.

– When you are done with the extraction, you can then add Some milk to the bitter leaf juice, and shake the mixture thoroughly.

When you are done with the above Steps, then you have your bitter leaf medication, which is as very simple as that, and it can be used to solve wide range of diseases and infections, such as Cough, insomnia, diabetes, fungal infection and many other diseases.

One can also wash bitter leafs and chew it raw, it is very effective for Cough and diabetes as it reduces the sugar level in the body system, the bitter leaf juice can also be rubbed on effected area when one has skin diseases.

On the other hand, remember to visit your medical doctor whenever you wants to take any medication, so he or she can check whether such suits your body system.

I hope the above Tips remains helpful, as it has always proved its effectiveness.

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