Mistress, 26, Baths Housewife With Hot Water Over Husband

A 33-year old housewife, Mrs. Adeola Moshood, is now lying critical ill at Gbagada General Hospital in Lagos after her husband’s mistress, Precious Ahanonu, reportedly attacked and poured hot water on her after the woman allegedly caught her with the husband.

reports that the incident happened at Okerube in Abaranje area of Ikotun, Lagos, where they reside.

The Police at Ikotun Division have arrested Precious and transferred her to the SCID, Panti, Yaba area of Lagos for the dastardly act, where she is facing charge of attempted murder and serious assault for attacking the woman over suspicion that the woman was an obstacle for her keep the man.

The woman’s husband, Aremu Moshood, who is supposedly the cause of the dirty fight between his wife and the mistress, opened a fish pond and employed Precious to manage it.

However, along the line, the husband started sleeping with Precious to the extent that he rented one bedroom and parlour self-contained apartment for her without the knowledge of his wife, where Aremu usually visits Precious secretly.

Later, when Aremu’s business crumbled and he was unable to pay house rent where he lived with his wife and three children at Ikotun/Igando Road, his landlord threw him out of the flat.

He then took his wife and children to the place he had rented for Precious, for them to live temporarily until when he will get another apartment. It was while they were living there that the wife discovered that her husband was sleeping with Precious and he was even the person that was paying the house rent.

The issue caused constant quarrels between Precious and Mrs. Adeola to the extent that on the fateful day, Precious boiled water and poured it on Mrs. Adeola’s body while she was sleeping around 1.00am.

She was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital, where she is being treated.

When P. M. EXPRESS reporter visited their house at Okerube Street, the residents, who were still shocked over the act, told the reporter that her husband went to the hospital, where the wife is being treated.

At the Ikotun Police Station, where the matter was first reported, the DPO was said to have gone to the State Command for the CP’s briefing with the senior Police officers.

The Police sources, who confirmed the incident, referred P. M. EXPRESS reporter to the SCID, Panti, Yaba, where the matter was transferred for further investigation and Precious is currently undergoing interrogation over her action.

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