Method of invoking angels, by Sigil Ritual proven to be effective

A sigil is a magical power symbol that each archangel possesses. You will learn how to draw a sigil. Once you master its drawing, the sigil will produce the energy of the associated archangel.

Using a spiritual template called a Rose Wheel, you can create an angel sigil. All the letters of the alphabet are written on a sacred circle called a Rose Wheel.

To create your own archangel sigil, follow the steps below:

1. To start making your archangel print the image above.

2. Consider the Archangel you’d like to work with, and then circle the letters of the angel’s name you’d like to summon. For example, to summon Archangel Michael, begin by circling the first letter of his name, M, then the second, I, and so on until the last letter.

3. letter does not appear on the template, circle the letter’s pronunciation. For example, the letter C is missing from Michael’s template. However, KH sounds similar to the C sound in the name Michael.

4. After you have circled all of the letters in the name, beginning with the first letter, draw a line connecting the first letter to the second letter, then a line connecting the second letter to the third letter, and so on, until you have drawn a line connecting each letter to the next, connecting all of the letters of the name together.

5. Once you’ve connected all of the letters, your sigil is complete.

Your Archangel Michael sigil should resemble the one shown below:

How To Use Your Angel Sigil

You can invoke an angel by visualizing the sigil during meditation.

Another way to use a sigil to improve your mental clarity and focus is as follows.

On a piece of paper, draw the sigil. Next, in a darkened room, form a circle of white candles around your sigil, lighting only the sigil. Then, reflect on its significance and visualize the sigil growing brighter and brighter, eventually overwhelming the darkness that surrounds it.

This ritual improves your mental clarity and focus.

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