Message from NPP supporters to Sammy Gyamfi and the NDC.

The NPP supporters are unhappy for Sammy Gyamfi ‘s speech describing the economy as “borla economy”. They don’t know when Sammy Gyamfi will show some courtesy to the ruling government. They want NDC to come and tell Ghanaians what necessited their decision to seek for IMF support in 2015. Were there any exogenous factors like the NPP is facing today?. Sammy Gyamfi and the NDC must stop playing on the intelligence of Ghanaians. It will be mischievous for the NDC to deny the fact that this global pandemic had impact on our economy.

Some times ago a whole salary of teacher could not even buy TV but now a teacher salary can buy plasma TV and the change will be enough for the whole month. If you people think this is the way ,then the NDC should forget of power in 2024 and allow the government to continue the good works. The ‘borlo’ economy is far better than your dumsor economy.

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Sammy Gyamfi


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