“Men Reject Me Because I Am Wealthy And Can Afford Anything I Want” – Lady Cry Out

Why does life play hard games on independent and hardworking ladies?

This has been my story since I became rich and able to afford literally anything I or anyone around me wants.

My name is Kali and I am 33 years old. Born on the 16th day of September 1987. All my life, I have always dreamed and hoped to be successful, rich and happy.

I started my journey to success at a very tender age. At 19, I was already done with high school. I did not like the idea of going to college to get a degree just to end up job hunting. I negotiated with my parents to give me my school fees so I could start up a little business with it, I could get a degree at any point in my life.

It was hard for them at first but after so much persuasion and considering the fact that I was the second daughter, they agreed to my decision.

I eventually started up my business at age 19, time went on and things were moving so well. By the time I was 25, I was already making money in millions. I had the opportunity to help my family and raise their standard of living. They are living fine as I always hoped for them.

Coming down to my own love life, at 33, I have no man in my life. The ones who approached me were not well to do. The moment they found out I was wealthy and could afford just anything, they varnish.

One of the young men I met sometime last year tried doing away with my money after he lied that he needed it to sought his medical bills. I found out he lied and because of my Influence, I was able to get the security operatives and even my lawyer to bring him to book. He was made to pay back all he took from me in disguise.

Men don’t hook-up with me anymore because the event with the last guy made it to headlines on some blogs.

I end up wondering why they always leave, is my wealth a threat to them?

At 32, am I too old to be loved and taken care of?

Is it a crime to be financially independent and wealthy as a lady?


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