Melody Bowier drops genre-blending gospel album in ‘Take Off’

It is finally here. Gospel musician, Melody Bowier is out with an album.

‘Take Off’ is the maiden project of the Ghanaian-Liberian singer.

It was released on Friday, August 5 and has 10 tracks in total.

These songs include Around The Clock’ and ‘Good Feeling’ which were released ahead of the project.

The other songs are ‘All Over Again’, ‘You Reign Supreme’, ‘You Are Holy’, ‘Obiara’, ‘One Way’, ‘Truly Truly’, ‘Captured’ and ‘My Light’.

The album’s trajectory is very unorthodox and has something for each set of audience.

It is a genre-blending body of work which takes the Christian music scene to another level.

Captured’ exudes gratitude over a distinct reggae instrumentation.

On ‘One Way’, Melody delivers a musical version of John 14:6 as it expands on the need to walk in Christ as a means to eternal salvation.

‘Supreme’ and ‘You Holy’ are both bundles of exaltation backed by a choral team as angels would in heaven while ‘Truly Truly’ is an upbeat and dramatic mood reminiscent of an energetic congregation singing praise.

“Truly, truly, your praise will never end,” is a recurrent line, an exclamation to the already emphatic sound of praise.

A melancholic piano-heavy mood is created on the song ‘My Light’. The set sounds like a graceful space created for the entrance of God’s light. A perfect worship song for the strong, sad, happy, or weary.

Melody Bowier drops genre-blending gospel album in 'Take Off'

Here, her vocal prowess also comes to play as she preaches the goodness of the word.

‘Obiara’ is another great record on the album.

The title is derived from ‘Obiara enti s3 wo’, a Twi phrase that translates into ‘There’s no one like you’. It ministers the incomparability of God and his might over all things on earth.

This trait of uniqueness is heard in the not-so-regular genre of gospel.

The lyrics are sand over the building blocks of jazz and a bit of blues which harmonises into a soothing close.

The ‘Take Off’ is available on digital platforms.

Melody Bowier is a talented singer with a wide scope ranging from R&B, Afrobeat, Blues, Jazz, and Rock, among others.

The songwriter is currently affiliated with Black Genius Entertainment.


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