Meet The Man Born Without Legs And Hands, See His Pictures And His Four Kids (photos)

Nicholas Vujicic is the name of the man without hands and legs. He is an Australian Evangelist, who was born on the 4th of December 1982 with a rare disorder called Phocomelia characterized by the absence of arms and legs.

According to his autobiography, when Nicholas Vujicic was born, his mum refused to touch him or collect him from the nurse. But as time went by, they learnt to accept him the way he is.

Nicholas also added in his autobiography that he was bullied at school and that made him depressed and he attempted suicide when he was ten. He always prayed for a miracle that God should give him hands and legs, but then his mum showed a picture of a man in a magazine who was also dealing with severe disability, so since then he learnt to accept himself the way he is.

Nicholas had two small toes so an operation was performed for his toes to be seperated so that he can use them to perform minor duties, like operating his phone, computer and his wheelchair.

He has been a source of inspiration to a lot of people both the disabled and the non – disabled. He has proven that one can be disabled and still achieve a lot of things, he has done well for himself. He even own a non – profit organisation and ministry named ” Life without limbs” and also ” Attitude is Altitude”, a secular motivational speaking company.

Nicholas have some books to his name, which are:

  • Life Without Limbs
  • Love Without Limits
  • Unstoppable
  • Your Life Without Limits
  • Stand Stong
  • Be The Hands And Feet
  • The Power Of Unstoppable Faith
  • Attitude Is Everything
  • 31 Days To A Hope Inspired Life

Nicholas got married to Kanae Miyahara in the year February 12, 2012 and now their marriage is blessed with four kids.

Nicholas has proven that there is ability in every disability, and you can be whatever you want to be without limitations, only put in hardwork in other to achieve success.

See his recent photos and that of his wife and beautiful kids


    1. Awesome I like your courage man,also very strong heartrtalways be happy man en also I go through that mine not so strong

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