Meet Rahma, the girl who lived in a plastic bowl for 18 years (photos)

You might be thinking that you have a problem, but after reading the story of Rahma, you will go on your Knees and thank God for everything. You can walk, talk, move and even speak but do you know that there are some people, who do not have the ability to do those things.

Read the Story of Rahma, a girl who was born without hands or legs, and spend all her life in a plastic bowl.

This is her story:

Rama Haruna was born healthy but everything change, when she was just six months old. Her parents found out that she has an impeded growth. From then she started to have body pains and fever.

She became disabled due to the sickness that she could not grow, her hands and legs anymore. Her parents have no money for equipments, so they started putting her in a plastic bowl. Her younger brother took the job of feeding and bathing her, Rahma was disabled but her parents loved her, and she lived very happily until death snatch her at the age of 19.

Her death was a big blow to her parents, and siblings who love and care for her.

In Rahma’s father words:

“I tried to look for the cure to her sickness, i spent 15 years searching for the cure, i went to the market, worked so hard in the farm, i sold most of my properties just to get money for her hospital bills. We did a lot of campaign and called for help but the amount we got was not enough. At a time someone donated a wheel chair, and it made it easier to move her from place to place”

Rahma died in the year 2016 at the age of 19. She was loved but she lived almost all of her life in a bowl.

We are all alive today not because we are too holy, but because of the glory of God. Sometimes we might be tempted to ask

Why is her case different, is it that she does not have the glory of God?

Everyone has the glory of God but God has a reason for everything. In every situation you are give thanks to God because, there are some people that are wishing to be like you.

There is always a reason for everything.

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