Meet Lady Who Slept With 919 Men In 24 Hours To Break The World Record – Photos

Ever heard of the woman who broke the Guinness World Book of Record for sleeping with 919 men in a span of 24 hours? Well,if not,then this article brings you closer into knowing her in terms of her physical appearance.

Meet Lisa Sparks who went against all odds and broke a World record despite of the embarrassment that could come as a result of it.

Lisa Sparks broke a Guinness World of sleeping with the highest number of men,that is 919 men, previously held at 759 men in a span of 24 hours.

Even though some of the already recorded world records seems impossible to achieve, one can conclude that they are held by almost extraordinary human beings.

Accoring to statistics in regard to Lisa Sparks sleeping with a total of 919 ,one man could be approximated to has used an average of 45 seconds before the other one could take over.

See some of her photos below;

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