Meet 6 People That Married Animals – Photos

What have we become as a species? People no longer marry one other; instead, they marry animals. Surely, that’s not normal. What might possibly motivate someone to consider such a drastic measure?

According to this theory, you can marry whomever you choose since love doesn’t care about any of these other considerations. Some people are even marrying inanimate objects such as animals, automobiles, and even dead bodies.

The following is a list of six persons who wed their dogs;

1. The Man That Married His Horse

2. Ngurah Alit, A Balinese Teenager who married a cow;

An 18-year-old Bali teen was arrested for having sex with a cow. The cow was flirting with him, he said. In order to rid the hamlet of the demon, he was forced to marry a cow in 2010.

3. Selva Kumar married a dog to remove a curse;

Two dogs who were mating were stoned to death and hung on the tree by his 18-year-old self. Since then, he added, he’s had a lot of bad luck.

When he was paralyzed, he also lost the ability to speak. His next step was to seek “cure” from his “dog curse” with an astrologer. In November 2007, he married a 10-year-old dog he had been instructed to marry.

4. Uwe Mitzscherlich, A German man who married his cat;

He married his cat since the vet said the cat had asthma and wouldn’t live very long, so he decided to do so. In 2010, they got married.

5. A Sudanese man married a goat

A Sudanese guy was caught having sex with a goat in 2006. To marry the goat, the goat’s owner required him to pay the dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars.

6. Joseph Guiomarried his Labrador dog;

When he was just 20 years old, an Australian guy decided to marry his dog, whom he claims to be his best friend. “Just pure love,” he stated of the nuptials.

Please share your opinion on this, do you believe this is normal?

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