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Meet 13 Yrs Old Cynthia Born With 70 Teeth. She Can’t Talk, Walk, Sit And Bullies Call Her Crocodile (Photo & Video)

Today, we will be sharing with you a story of a woman who as every other woman welcomed a baby. Children are not just a gift from God but also a treasure from God. This woman gave birth to a baby and ideally babies come into the world toothless but hers came into the world with seventy teeth. God is great and miraculous in His ways.

In the video shared, the girl’s mother disclosed that she is 13 years old of age but people finds its incredible because of her smallish nature and physique. She said that those residing around that region couldn’t believe her story because she looks like a four years old girl.

Maria, the mother of this young girl is a single mother. She doesn’t have a lucrative job, so she go out to sell fruits so as to fend for herself and her daughter.

Her daughter was born with a disorder and she didn’t cry when she was born as other babies do. Her breathing was also not normal and she was placed on medication right from birth.

When her baby was three months old, she started developing teeth which is kinda absurd because babies do grow teeth around the sixth month. In the case of her baby, it was more like she was born with teeth because they showed up to the fullest when she was three months old.

These kind of teeth weren’t normal because they grew simultaneously, they were countless and her mother doesn’t know the actual figure. She only estimated that the are around seventy in number because her daughter got two layers of teeth in her gum and they are all occupied with teeth, also she got teeth scattered outside these layers too.

She stopped breast feeding her baby at three months because the baby could no longer pull milk. All she does was bit her mother’s breast due to her big teeth. Maria took her baby to the hospital and she was told that her baby isn’t only suffering from teeth disorder but also has a disorder in her brain. So the doctor couldn’t be of help to her in any way.

However, the doctor told her that such things happens in life and that she should see it as the will of God. Her baby’s whose name is Cynthia doesn’t have the ability to speak, she can’t walk or sit as a result of her disorder. Despite this disorder, the baby still knows her name because whenever her mother calls her, she looks at her and smiled.

Cynthia was born with folded hands and since then she has never opened her hands. When someone’s tries to unfold her hands, she gets wounded and her mother’s feels it was also as a result of brain disorder. Due to the size of Cynthia’s teeth, there was no way she could close her mouth. Brushing Cynthia’s teeth wasn’t an easy task for Maria because they were too many and some were scattered.

Cynthia couldn’t chew of swallow food and her mother got no option other than to force the food on her. Cynthia’s father abandoned them when she was six months old. His reason was that in his family and lineage, nobody gave birth to such creatures.

Few years later, Maria heard a rumour that her husband married another woman and the he called her and told her that he would love to visit her provided that that baby isn’t in that house. He insisted that he would never step his foot in that house till the baby leaves the house.

Cynthia is living a life without freedom, she couldn’t go to school like any other children would do. She was also not able to socialize with other children. Maria is scared that her daughter won’t live long because she heard such people don’t grow up. Cynthia was called all sorts of names because of the size of her teeth and people don’t come close to her because of her bad breathe.

They both lived a complicated life but Maria continues to do all she can with hope that her daughter gets a better life some day. All that Maria prays for now is to get capital and starts a better business because her dream has always been to upgrade the life of her daughter.

Watch the video below

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