Meek Mill Disables Twitter & Instagram Accounts

Meek Mill Taking A Break From Social Media, Deactivates Twitter & Instagram Accounts

Meek Mill seems to have decided to take a break from social media. The “Pain Away” crooner have deactivated his Twitter and Instagram pages, leading many to believe that new music could be on the way.

That’s been the industry standard in the past few years. At the same time, many would argue that Meek’s someone who’s needed to take a break from social media.

He’s been known to have some explosive moments on the timeline. The rise of Clubhouse hasn’t necessarily helped, either. Though the exclusivity of the platform is nearly extinct, despite still being invite-only, Meek’s found himself getting into a few heated situations on there one too many times.

He had a heated exchange with Akademiks a few months back and was heavily dragged on social media for it.. The Philadelphia rapper later hopped online to issue an apology.

“ima have a better reaction in 2021… I apologize when snap out sometimes ..then convos that stem from hatred, strike me hard from my upbringing!”

He continued, “After that nip sh*t my hatred level went up I’m a boss up leave it in 2020!” he wrote.

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