May God Help This Generation: See What This Married Woman Was Caught Doing In Public (Photos)

Faithfulness in marriage should be embraced by all couples, regardless of age and status. Being faithful in marriage is something that makes a marriage last longer because it builds trust in one another. There are many risks involved when you cheat on your partner, and it can even lead to a big problem when you are caught in the act.

It is too bad for a married person to engage in an affair with someone who is not his or her spouse because it can turn into a public disgrace if you are caught, just like we have seen in many cases in the past.

This married woman was caught by a fellow woman having an affair with her sister’s husband. The woman in question is also married and left her husband’s house to engage herself in an affair with another person’s husband. This shocking incident happened in Muranga, a town in Kenya. The woman who caught her did not hesitate to call other neighbours to see what the man and the woman were doing.

The woman decided to parade the cheating wife unclad all around the neighborhood, and she chased and flogged her all-around with a cane until others came out to plead on her behalf. The woman did not stop beating her, to the extent that she even poured hot water on her body in order to be able to beat her to her own satisfaction. It was a shameful act. The cheating wife had no choice but to start pleading for mercy, but all her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Married women are supposed to be committed to their marriages; they need to be faithful to their husbands and maintain their decency. It is not good enough for a woman to cheat outside of her marriage because it can go a long way to hurt the marriage. Women should be careful with what they do because every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner.

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