Massive Reactions As TV3 Posts The Picture Of The Ghana Card

TV3 is one of the most popular TV stations in Ghana. On Tuesday , 2nd August 2022, the TV station posted the picture of the Ghana card and added an interesting caption.

According to TV3, 2.7million people remain unregistered as at date.

The post has attracted several reactions from the length and breadth of the country as many Ghanaians have complained bitterly about the processes involved in obtaining the card.

Whilst some Ghanaians believe that the agents exploit those willing to register, others simply complained about the long queues they had to go through in obtaining the identity card.

Other Ghanaians have lambasted the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation for her unachievable deadlines. In fact, the Minister has been advised to even extend the deadline to 31st December 2022 to enable them relax and do the registration at their own pace

The interesting thing about the Ghana card process is that the registration started about three years ago and yet many people are complaining about the procedures. Some Ghanaians who claim they registered for the card as far back as 2019 are complaining that they have still not received it.

Other Ghanaians have also complained that they were asked to make deposits of 250ghs to enable them get the card. Should the card now be for sale as the case of the passport? Why should Ghanaians pay a token fee to get their Ghana Card?

Some Ghanaians also indicated that the registration exercise for the Ghana card was exhausted in 2020 and they do not believe that there are more than two million people who still do not have the card.

It is interesting to note that there are some citizens who have borrowed close to 2000ghs on their momo accounts hoping that their SIM cards would be deactivated for not registration their SIM cards with the Ghana card. No wonder, the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation referred to that practice as ‘corrupt evil’. Well , the economy has pushed some people to do the unbelievable by borrowing huge amounts on their momo just because they believe that they would not comply with the Ghana card registration exercise.

Should the government employ strict measures to force the masses to register for the Ghana card or leave the citizens to do what they want at their own pace?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion? Do you have any advice for the authorities on how they can smoothen the process?

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