Marjorie Harvey’s Bikini Pics Leak & She’s Amazing

Bikini pictures of Marjorie Harvey have just leaked online and it’s currently causing stir on social media. The photos were taken a few days ago on Steve and Marjorie’s yacht.

And the “leak” of the images has some people wondering if Marjorie released the pics on her own, to receive some of the shine that her daughter has been receiving recently.

Some even suggest that Marjorie could be low-key competing with her daughter. In case you’re wondering, Marjorie Harvey is 56 years young, and still a head-turner. Marjorie is a celebrity, designer, fashion blogger, and the third wife of American comedian, TV host, producer, author, and actor Steve Harvey.

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She has been married twice before her marriage to Harvey. Her first marriage happened with Jim Townsend in 1990, was a criminal and a drug dealer who was imprisoned for life.

Marjorie Harvey met her ex-husband Jim at the impressionable age of 18, and their relationship lasted for a total of 7 years. She divorced Jim after five years into his jail sentence.

See the leaked pictures below :


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