Manchester United And 2 Other EPL Teams That Might End Up Losing Their First EPL Match

Both Chelsea and Manchester City are notorious for having a rough start to their Premier League campaigns. It is practically par for the course for Manchester City to not get their act together until well after the midway point of the season. They will kick off the season with a match against West Ham. Pep Guardiola has trouble breaking down strong defensive teams like West Ham, thus the game between Man City and West Ham is going to be a challenging one. Additionally, during each of the past two campaigns for the Premier League, West Ham has had a strong beginning to their season.

On the other hand, Chelsea might also have a hard time beating Everton in their first matchup as well. Everton is their opponent. The newly appointed owner is still getting used to running the club. To be fully prepared for the season, Thomas Tuchel requires the addition of more players. These players must first gain an understanding of themselves before they can begin producing fantastic results. It’s probable that this won’t work out for the game against Lampard’s squad.

Under the leadership of its new manager, Manchester United is still attempting to comprehend itself. They got off to a strong start during the preseason but then started to struggle towards the end of it. The process of signing new players has been challenging for them up to this point. It might be difficult for them to win their opening game, which is against Brentford.

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