Man Reveals Why He Continued To Sleep With His Girlfriend After She Got Married To Another Man

A man called Philip Kofie from Sunyani opened up on why he continue to have intimacy with his girlfriend after she got married to another man years ago. The man explained that he was a mechanic when he entered into in a relationship with Celestina. The lady too was in a nursing training school.

He provided all the things she till she completed school. He even sent her to meet his parent after she conceive for him before she went back to her parent’s house at Drobo. He also tried to meet her parents and informed them about his intentions of getting married to her but she didn’t give him any chance to do that.

He continue to took good care of the lady as every man should do, one day his best friend informed him that his girlfriend is staying with another man at Drobo. Philip claims he was taken aback about this information, he then called Celestina to know the truth about this accusations, she admitted it is true she has a fiancee that’s why she didn’t allow him to meet his parents.

A few days later she called to inform him that she has aborted the baby due to the circumstances she is facing between the two of them. Philip added that he later found out that the lady kept the pregnancy and has given birth. He was happy about his girlfriend given birth to his child but the lady never allowed him to perform his son’s naming ceremony. It was that moment that he had a suspicion about the peternity of his son.

The man revealed that he later found a wedding ring in his girlfriend’s bag when she came to visit him but she denied that she has not get married to any man. He too did investigation and also came to know that his Celestina is married but she still paid him a visit and also sleeps with her. Philip added that although the lady is married but he continue to have affair with her because he had a fear that he may not see his son again if he break up with her.

One day, Celestina came to visit him but he noticed that she was pregnant after they had an affair still she denied that she is not pregnant. Two months later she came to spend some days with him with a protruding stomach which indicates that she is pregnant. Philip said he has realize that he will not get anything good from the relationship because she is another man’s wife but he wants to conduct a DNA test to prove the paternity of their child before he will continue taking care of him.

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