Man Invited To A Wedding Only To Realize This

A South African Twitter user has recently taken it to social media to share pictures of a wedding that was rather received by a lot of different emotions from South Africans. @DanielMarven shared pictures of a man who was invited to a wedding only to realize it was his wedding. Of course her wife all of this, in fact, he one who secretly planned everything.

In pictures, the man and woman could be seen celebrating their wedding day alongside their beloved families. It is through the same pictures that the majority of the Twitter users believe the man was not happy.”Lol his poses should tell you that he wants no part of this ‘Alleged Marriage'”

Through the comment sections, it could be seen that the majority of the people were not impressed with the lady’s actions as they believe she made a life-changing decision for the man. Others protected the lady by making claims that the men could have just said “No” if he was not ready to get married.

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