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Man in tears after discovering his wife who always depend on him for everything is secretly very very rich

The story circulating on social media about a young Ghanaian man who narrates how his wife who always pretend to be broke saying her job doesn’t pay her well, depending on him for every single thing including Sanitary Pad is secretly rich and has already built a house for her family which is unknown to him. The marriage is now hanging on thread as the man is point blank on what to do.

I searched through her phone and found that her family had a whatsapp group, I read the messages and found hints but when I read through her conversations with her dad, everything was cleared to me. From the indications, my wife has been doing well, she is just acting poor to rely on my salary while she use hers for personal and family benefits alone.

I thought I was a supportive husband that my wife will be proud of. I work hard to pay all bills and when I bought land, it was my Name and hers that is on the land title with our Children. I bought a car for her on loan. I didn’t mind, the Car receipts bears her name because I believed everything she owns is mine and vice versa. When I confront her about everything she has been doing, she was speechless and motionless. Trust was lost and Love was broken for me

Reports has it that they are still together as the man doesn’t know what to do as he is currently lost. Even though she is now spending and taking care of the house without requesting from me again but that doesn’t move me.

What is your honest opinion on what the husband should do?

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