Man accuses the police of doing nothing as they allegedly watched him get robbed and almost killed at Ojota

A man has narrated how he was robbed, beaten, and almost killed in Ojota and said the police were there and did nothing.

The Twitter user named Kunle said the robbers took everything from him and made him beg for his life as they were ready to kill him.

He tweeted: “I got robbed and beaten tonight around Ojota. They literally took everything from me this night. Had to beg for my life cause they really were going to kill me if I didn’t drop everything.

“My phone, wallet, cards, money. And the Policemen were right there man. they were in their car and saw everything happen and did nothing.”

He added: “At a point on my knees I already gave up cause they said they were going to off me, just kept telling God to accept my soul. Whatever that means lmfao.”

Read the rest of his tweets below, starting from the bottom to the top.

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