Lori Harvey & Michael B Jordan Are Allegedly ‘Fake’ Dating

Lori Harvey & Michael B Jordan Are Repoportedly Faking Their Relationship, Sleep In Separate Rooms

Actor Michael B Jordan and Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey are one of the hottest couples in the world. But people are questioning whether the couple’s relationship is “real” or whether it’s been elaborately staged.

Here’s the backstory. Before dating Lori Harvey, Michael dated almost exclusively White and Latina girls.

His most recent long term relationship was with IG model Ashlyn Castor, a White Latina. Here’s a pic showing how Michael and his boys typically got down – partying with a group of White women.

Michael became known, at least in the Black community, for preferring White/Latina women – and it upset many Black women. And it was Black women – and their failure to fully embrace Michael – that many in Hollywood claimed was holding MBJ from becoming the mega-superstar actor he had the potential to become.

According to MTO, now that he’s dating Lori Harvey – a Black woman. Now the Black community seems to love Michael again and his career trajectory looks better than ever.

A top entertainment insider told the media outlet that “it all seems too perfect.” Many on social media are now wondering whether Michael is pretending to “date” Lori, so that he can get support from the Black community.

First off, when the couple vacationed together a few weeks ago for a New Year’s ski trip – a person claiming to work at the ski lodge claimed that the couple booked separate rooms. According to the alleged employee, who posted on Twitter – Lori and Michael stayed in different rooms and spent “minimal” time together.

If that sounds strange, new images leaked yesterday suggest that Lori and Michael may not be sleeping in the same room together in their current St Barths vacation either.

Lori Harvey posted a picture yesterday on IG of her in front of her bathroom mirror If you look at the background of the pic, you can see her bed, and the very elaborate ceiling lights in her bedroom.

Later she takes another bathroom selfie, this one with Michael. Look carefully at the background, they are clearly in a different bedroom – with a different bed, and different ceiling lights.

Now the question is.. Was this pic “staged” to give the impression that they’re in a relationship?

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