Liverpool bomber carried out attack after his asylum bids were repeatedly turned down

Remembrance Day bomber Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen decided to carry out a bomb attack after his asylum bids were repeatedly turned down, it emerged last night.

The 32-year-old blew himself up in a taxi at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday, Nov. 14, after the taxi driver David Perry, 43, locked him up in the car to stop him from getting out to harm others with the bomb. David Perry was injured in the explosion but survived by a “miracle”.

Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen, who had no known connections with any terrorist groups, blew himself to bits with a home-made ball-bearing device.

He had taken a taxi from his bomb lair home to the local Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

CCTV footage captured the moment the device was detonated seconds after cabbie David Perry pulled up in front of the main entrance at 10.59 am.

Because of Al-Swealmeen’s severe injuries, it took police several hours to establish a potential identity.

It’s been revealed that Al-Swealmeen had mental health problems and was once arrested with a knife.

It remained unclear when exactly the bomber entered the UK but it was understood he had been in a long-term dispute with the Home Office over his application for UK residential status.

And he had not been granted leave to remain in the UK permanently.

A source told The Sun: “One of the issues being looked at is whether this unresolved grievance pushed him over the edge and prompted him to carry out the attack.”

Following his arrival in the UK, Al-Swealmeen lived mostly in Liverpool, where he was supported by Christian ­volunteers from a network of churches helping asylum seekers.

According to friends, he earlier spent a large part of his life in Iraq, where his mother came from.

It was claimed that Al-Swealmeen had told friends he came from Syria — but The Sun understands he was a Jordanian national.

It was also claimed that motor-racing enthusiast Al-Swealmeen had changed his first name to Enzo in honour of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari — and to sound less Muslim in a bid to help his asylum ­application.

He was also said to have converted to Christianity at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in 2017.

Al-Swealmeen spent eight months living with devoted Christians Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchott at their home in the Aigburth district of Liverpool.

Former solider Mr Hitchott said: “He first came to the cathedral in August 2015 and wanted to convert to Christianity.

“He took an Alpha Course, which explains the Christian faith, and completed it in November of that year.

“That enabled him to come to an informed decision and he changed from Islam to Christianity and was confirmed as a Christian just before he came to live with us.

“He was destitute at that time and we took him in. The UK asylum people were never convinced he was Syrian and he was refused asylum in 2014.

“He had his case rejected because he has been sectioned due to some mental health incident where he was waving a knife at people from an overpass.”

Mr Hitchott explained: “He was going to put in a fresh asylum claim. Once he had done that, it was possible for him to be housed again by the Home Office and get £35 a week.

“He didn’t want to stay here any more. So he could get the accommodation, I gave him notice to leave. He never talked about Islam, terrorism, nothing.”

Mrs Hitchott said: “I bumped into him in a street, he was doing cake decoration at an educational class, a formal course somewhere, he was very enthusiastic. He showed me the designs he had done and what he was hoping to do in an upcoming exam. He was quite artistic.

“I gave him a sketchbook and pencils. He drew hills, flowers, everything around him.”

The couple said he loved motor racing and would often do go-karting at Brunswick in Liverpool.

The bomb factory where Al-Swealmeen constructed his deadly ball bearing device was yesterday revealed as a bedsit.

Police carried out a controlled explosion at the studio room in a Victorian property in Rutland Avenue in the city’s upmarket Sefton Park district.

Smoke billowed from the house following the 4pm blast, with families having already been evacuated, The Sun reports.

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