Lil Pump References Juice WRLD Drug Overdose In A New Song Preview

Lil Pump Disrespects Juice WRLD In Rock Song Preview
Lil Pump will do anything to gain relevancy again. The rapper who has seemingly fell off recently previewed a new song on Instagram and it is quite controversial.

On the song, Pump referenced Juice WRLD‘s drug overdose incident and it is not sitting well with fans.

“Mama told me don’t go to school on a Percocet/Like Juice WRLD, 70 pounds on a private jet,” raps the 20-year-old on the song. You’ll recall that, upon landing at Chicago’s Midway Airport where he suffered a fatal drug overdose, Juice WRLD was found with 70 pounds of marijuana on his private jet.

He reportedly popped several pills before the plane landed, which contributed to his fatal seizure.

Many fans of the late artist are voicing their frustration with Lil Pump, who is seemingly mocking his death on the song.

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