LeBron James Trolled For Singing Rubbish Over Lil Durk Song

LeBron James Roasted For Not Knowing The Lyrics To Lil Durk Song

LeBron James failed to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a win against the Golden State Warriors on Monday night, fumbling a large first-half lead and losing in the final moments of the game.

However, that’s not the only reason why he’s being roasted across the internet though.

The NBA all-star is being trolled because of a video he posted on Instagram Stories this weekend, relaxing outside and singing some total gibberish over Lil Durk, 6LACK, and Young Thug’s hit song “Stay Down”.

Twitter has been having a good time with LeBron’s rendition of “Stay Down”, which he uploaded to Instagram. In the video, LeBron takes a sip from his cup before attempting to sing 6LACK’s chorus, but he has no idea what the artist is actually saying.

“Yabadabadodobo Old Navy,” the first-ballot Hall Of Famer seemingly says in the video. The real lyrics are “Hopping out the car, no photos, baby”.

Some folks online noted that this is a consistent thing for LeBron. While he’s regularly found listening to the hottest songs, he’s generally always singing the wrong lyrics.

The funny clip also gained a reaction from 6lack. “The sureness made me question my own lyrics,” he commented.

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