Lady Tells How Her Sister’s Husband Tried To Have Intimacy With Her After She Went To Stay With Them

Adwoa Asare, a 35 years old mother of five narrates in an interview about how her sister’s husband tried to have affair with her after she went to stay with them. According to the lady, her parents gave birth to 6 children but none of them has succeeded in life. She went to stay with her elder sisters when she at age 14. They took good care of her till she and provided everything she needs the payment of her school fees.

One day her sister’s husband tried to sleep with her after her sister travelled for three months, she ran away from their house without informing her sister about what happened when she returned home. There was nobody in her family who was willing to help her so she stopped schooling and started trading to support herself. A man in their community came to ask for her hand in marriage at that time. His uncle didn’t consider her age or asked her whether she is interested in the marriage or not but he accepted the marriage proceedings.

She went to stay with her husband but the man abandoned her after she got pregnant. “I struggled selling at the roadside before I will got money to feed myself whilst my husband was living a good life. After I gave birth to my husband did not take care of the child or perform the naming ceremony. I tried all my possible best to make it in life but my problems keep increasing as the days passed by”. Adwoa claims she has given birth to 5 children with three different men but none of them stayed with her for a long time.

Also they don’t perform their duty as a father, few months ago, she had a bad dream about getting married to an unknown man. Since that day she has never had peace in her life, she used to experience severe pains in her chest at midnight. Adwoa added that she can’t sleep at night due to the pains she has been having which has affected her health. The lady is pleading for help to recover from the pains she has been experiencing at midnight so that she can work hard to take care of the five children.

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Adwoa Asare

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