Krobo: Safety Became A Paramount Issue And That Necessitated The Shut Down – ECG

The interruption in Krobo is a result of safety concerns, according to Sakyiwaa Mensah, the Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Tema Region public relations officer. The explanation was unambiguously stated in a press release on Tuesday, August 2, nearly a week after light outages in the two Krobo communities, Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo.

“Safety became a top priority, which required the shutdown.” According to Ms. Mensah, the entire ECG network is interconnected, and the Company made that choice because it was unsure of the network’s integrity and the degree of interference.

However, the ECG PRO stated that electricity would be restored shortly. As parties gather to debate and seek solutions, it is hoped that power will quickly be restored, especially for the protection of the lives of ECG workers.

Due to paying for generators and gasoline, providers of key services like hospitals are on the edge of going out of business, which, they warn, might lead to a potential public health emergency.

Link: https://3news.com/ecg-discloses-reason-for-blackout-in-krobo/

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