!Khwa ttu invites all South Africans to join them for a Heritage Festival, on Saturday, 24 September

This is the annual flagship event of !Khwa ttu which celebrates the diversity of South Africa while connecting people through San-inspired food and music.

The San will play host to celebrate the vibe, culture and soul of the West Coast. It’s a celebration! Join us at !Khwa ttu, along with many of other music, food, beer and wine lovers to share in the joy of a our country’s diverse culture , featuring some of the finest indigenous musicians, as well as some of the West Coast food growers.

There will be food, rhythms, and culture! Good quality memorable West Coast cuisine and a festival of culture.

One affordable R100.00 entrance pass give access to all the activities and entertainment for the day. Children under 12 pay half price.

There’ll also be activities for the whole family to enjoy, from herbal tea tastings, tours and storytelling in the Heritage Centre, tracking, click language lessons, to traditional dancing, singing and tractor rides.

A bit of drumming or dance, anything to keep the smile on your face. There will be live music all day, Dizu Platjes, Riel dansers, traditional !Xu San dancers, Emile Jansen. Join a drumming circle with over 100 drums beating at once. It’s a chance to kuier and dance. Join the spirit of samesyn and dancing as if no-one is watching.

We will be celebrating our many colourful cultures with food around the fire; lamb chops, afval pot, roosterkoek, askoek tamatie bredie and a whole selection of local drinks, wines and beers to enjoy. A diverse food experience will immerse you in the

cultures and flavors of our region. Celebrating around food is the most incredible way to connect with people.

Come dressed up for the day, celebrate your own culture and win a grand prize for the best dress couple or person.

This Heritage Day share with us our love for everything that unites us in our beautiful country, with our music and food and wine, and our deepest and best hopes for peace.

Hosted at !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

Distance from Cape Town: 74km on the R27 near Yzerfontein, Coordinates: 33°21’44.55” S 18°16’14.12” E

Facilities available at The Heritage Festival:

  • Child-Friendly
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Blake’s Wine tasting
  • Darling Beer
  • Many open fires
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Crafts
  • Nonstop live music
  • Interactive food Stalls
  • Hiking trails and MTB
  • Quiet corners
  • Tractor Rides
  • San Guided Experiences
  • Flower walks


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