Kelsey Nicole Claps Back At Critics Of Her Erica Banks #BussItChallenge

Kelsey Nicole Shows Support To Erica Banks As She Joins The ##BussItChallenge

Erica Banks was compared to Megan Thee Stallion as at her first introduction, with fans saying that she was copying the Hot Girl’s style, which she has repeatedly denied. What fueled the comparison is that Banks is signed to Meg’s former label 1501 entertainment.

However, when “Buss It” took off on social media with a twerk challenge, people began taking Banks seriously. But, she’s still being mentioned in the same conversations as Megan.

Megan’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole stirred the pot by contributing to Banks’ “Buss It” challenge, which surprised many of Megan’s fans considering the two were very close as recently as last year. Kelsey wasn’t backing down after critics called her out though.

“If she was a real friend in the beginning, she wouldn’t be doing all this… Clout at its finest,” said someone in Kelsey’s comments. “Na baby it’s called I don’t owe anyone sh*t, and it’s all love with everyone. Show love get love,” she replied.

Another commenter suggested that Megan Thee Stallion taught Kelsey everything she knows about twerking, to which she responded, “Meg ain’t teach sh*t, foh.”

See it all below:

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