Jordyn Woods Causes Stir With Her #BussItChallenge Video – Watch

Jordyn Woods Turns Head With Her #BussItChallenge Challenge Video

Jordyn Woods is currently trending on social media after the model and socialite almost broke the internet with her very own rendition of the “Buss It” challenge.

The challenge, which accompanies Erica Banks’ viral single across TikTok and Instagram, involves a shabbily-dressed girl dropping it low and proceeding to buss it to a chopped up Nelly sample.

Earlier on, Chloe Bailey from Chloe x Halle group went viral for her rendition of the challenge, and now, Jordyn Woods is giving the internet similar momentum.

Jordyn teased the challenge on her Instagram stories yesterday, asking if she was too late to participate in the challenge, but assuring fans she would still nonetheless– while getting her make-up done for this exact video.

The video has been receiving plenty of responses across platforms, particularly on twitter, where it’s gone viral and started a Jordyn Woods trend.

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