Jollof War: Ghana And Nigeria Beaten In A Jollof Competition

Ghana and Nigeria have been defeated in the Jollof competition organized by 3FM.

The event which took place at the Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant in Accra, Ghana had 6 African countries participating.

The 6 African countries are; Ivory Coast, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Ghana and Nigeria for some years now fight over the best Jollof country.

However, the results of the 3FM Jollof War have proven that both Nigeria and Ghana are not the best when it comes to Jollof.

At the end of the competition, Ivory Coast has pronounced the Best Jollof Rice In Africa.

Gambia took second place, Senegal was placed 3rd, Ghana came 4th, Liberia came 5th place, and Nigeria took 6th place.

Ghana and Nigeria have disgraced themselves. This shows that these two countries are not the originators of Jollof rice.

Ghana and Nigeria shouldn’t brag about being the best in Jollof again as Ivory Coast is the King of Jollof.

Congratulations to Ivory Coast.

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Jollof War


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