Johnny Hughes Was Not Fair To NPP’s Boniface Abubakar Saddique On This Particular One: Read More

On the Friday 5th August 2022 edition of Johnny’s Bite, viewers seem to have been blown by comments passed by the TV3 presenter. He explained that he does not understand why the country is saddled with political ideologies such that when the government is doing something for the country, then they are covered in party colors. He asked if that was how the country was governed by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Abrefa Busia, and Hilla Limann. He further exclaimed how the government borrows shamefully due to how the books are managed.

Johnny stated categorically that the same footsoldiers who were against him for calling for reshuffles are now hiding behind civil organizations requesting for appointees to be changed. Johnny spoke about the fact that many non-performing appointees are still in posts but the President is hesitating to relieve them of their duties.

He also asked if Ghanaians knew that Honourable Abubakar Saddique is a Minister of the state of the Vice President after he was exited from the Ministry of Inner Cities and Zongo Development. Was Johnny Hughes fair to Honourable Saddique on this particular one? Does he expect the honorable to be sacked from his job? The Honourable might have committed some blunders in the past but does Johnny Hughes believe that he does not deserve any position at all?

Research indicates that Honourable Abubakar Saddique Boniface is a Ghanaian politician. Johnny was right when he said that the former minister for Inner cities and Zongo Development is currently the Minister of State at the Office of the Vice President.

Between 2005 and July 2007, Boniface was the Minister of Youth, Labour, and Employment. In August 2007 Boniface joined the Ministry of Water Resources, Public Works, and Housing as a government minister.

He has a B. A in Social Sciences from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, a postgraduate Diploma from Essex University U.K, an M.A in Economics from the Colchester University U.K, an M.A from Kofi Annan International Peace Training Centre, and an M.B.A from Exeter School of Business. Considering the experience and credentials of the politician, what disqualifies this man to be given a minister of state position?

What are your thoughts on this ongoing discussion? Was Johnny Hughes fair to honorable Boniface Abubakar Saddique?

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