Joe Mutwale Seems To Be In Overdrive To Make NFRA His Personal Kantemba- Chilufya Tayali


Chilufya Tayali

Mr. Joe Mutwale, I don’t know you but I have reports on you. Your profile looks good from the way you worked in Botswana however, the information I am getting from my intelligence is that, you seem to be too fast in trying to push your personal agenda on NFRA.

You might need to check the role of the Board Chair and the Board members. Please respect your fellow members, they are not fools and they are watching you.

If you are not familiar with the rules of good corporate governance, please check with Ms. Sandra Mukuka, from LAZ, she will help you. That’s why she is there.

I want you to know that, my intelligence is far reaching to even bring out those people pushing for payments at NFRA, through you, and how you are also going down to management to manipulate things.

Where do you see a Board Chair signing on payment schedules, I guess it is because you are under pressure to pay certain individuals – your friends.

I call upon ACC to take interest in Mr. Joe Mutwale, because we might have a problem with him.

This is a friendly warning, next time I will not be this nice. Please moderate your appetite and tell your friends you are a board chair and not Financial Director or part of management.

To the management of NFRA we are watching you, if you are going to start conniving with this Mutwale, tukamitwalila pano to chifungo. Be professional.


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