Joe Biden Did It Too: See Brilliant Response From NPP’s Communication Camp To The NDC

When the NDC had the chance to lead this country, they refused to learn and refused to listen and they have taken it to opposition and the sad reality for them is that, they assume we can just forget overnight their level of incompetence which they are still showing in opposition.

Now just to provide free consultancy to them and hopefully they are humble enough to learn, watch this video of the President of the USA signing the Book of condolence for the British Queen. 

This is the super power President transcribing his words from his own card into the book of condolence just as H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo did with his at the British embassy. 

This is Presidential and this is what Global President does and it’s way better than asking where your speech is and looking for your paper on a global stage like H.E John Mahama subjected us to some 7years ago. I only hope they watch and Learn.

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