Jeremih is awake” Friend, Masika Kalysha gives update on the R&B singer’s health after he was placed on ventilator as he battles coronavirus

R&B singer, Jeremih, who was placed on a ventilator as he battles coronavirus in intensive care is now awake, his friend Masika Kalysha revealed on Twitter.

“Jeremih is awake y’all! He’s talking! God is sooooo great!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!” Masika tweeted.

This comes days after Jeremih’s family released a statement asking for prayers on his behalf.

“The family believes daily prayers to God,” the statement reads.

“great team of doctors and nurses is helping him pull through. He’s not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made. The family and friends are praying that he starts breathing on his own soon, and makes a full recovery.”

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