Jealous wife screws nut onto ‘cheating’ husband’s pen*s – Photos

A jealous wife allegedly screwed an engineering nut onto her husband’s penis when she found out he’d been cheating on her.

The woman, who lives in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, with her husband, reportedlyvcarried out the act while her husband slept as a way to “avenge the betrayal.”

As a result, the man’s manhood swelled up to the point where he was no longer able to remove the nut.

He had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Doctors at the 5th City Hospital tried to remove the nut from the man’s penis, but failed.

They were then left with no option other than to perform surgery to remove the nut.

While the patient was being prepared for surgery, doctors decided to call in Cobra rescuers.

Deputy Chief of Cobra, Eduard Nekhoroshev, told newsmen that medics called in the use of special tools, like an angle grinder, to perform the gruesome removal.

Eventually, rescuers were able to cut off the nut by carefully slicing the large nut on opposite sides so it fell off.

The man remained in hospital under medical supervision following the operation.

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