Ja Rule Completes The Havard Business School Online Certificate Program

Ja Rule Celebrates Wrapping Up Harvard Business School On Twitter

Ja Rule has just updated his profile, adding another big win to his resume. He began as a New York lyricist to a certified hitmaker in the early millennium, Ja has since looked beyond the music and set his sights on entrepreneurial pursuits.

He’s been more concerned about business lately, enrolling in Harvard Business School to seek out higher education.

Ja Rule real name Jeffrey Atkins, can officially add Harvard alumni to his list of accomplishments, taking to Twitter to share a glimpse of his new certificate. “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…” he wrote in the caption.

The rapper has officially completed the Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program. It’s not clear as to how long he’s been actively participating in the program, but it’s not exactly surprising to see him looking to brush up on a few fundamentals.

Couple of weeks back, Rule appeared on Talib Kweli’s The People’s Party podcast, where he shed more light on his never ending beef with 50 Cent, sharing his side of the story.

According to him, 50 Cent played both sides during the beef. “You playing victim to the feds and the police, telling us ‘those guys that are with Supreme Mcgriff did this to me, got me shot.’ And then, over here you playing the bully role. The tough guy role.”

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