“It’s only poor people who say money can not make you happy” — VJ Adams

Popular TV host, Adams Ibrahim Adebola, popularly known as VJ Adams, has opined that only poor people make statements like “money doesn’t bring happiness” or “money is the root of all evil”.

VJ Adams, in the video he shared on his Instagram page, stated that he has never heard any wealthy person say money doesn’t make them happy, however, it is local and poverty-stricken people who make such statements.

According to him, he has learnt not to take advise from people who are not living proof of their own advise so he won’t take those statements seriously.

Speaking further, the 33-year-old media personality noted that money doesn’t make people “good or bad”, instead it brings out people’s innate personality.

His words, “If you are already a witch, when you get money you are only going to do evil things with it but if you are good person, you will do good things with it.”

He went on to advise people to engage in legitimate businesses to make money.

Watch the video below,

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