It Will Hit Your Accounts Soon- Good News To Workers In Ghana

Workers in Ghana have been going through some difficult times this 2022 given the economic situation of the country. With inflation hitting an all-time high in about three decades, the disposable income of Ghanaians has dwindled significantly.

To help cushion the worker and minimize the harsh economic situation brought largely by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and the Russian- Ukraine war, the state has agreed to pay workers their Cost of Living Allowance after a long period of negotiations with the government.

The government and organized labor agreed that 15 percent base pay of government employees will be added to their ( workers) salaries to help mitigate the impact of the high inflation in the country. Consequently, every government worker in the country will earn 15 percent of their base pay effective July 1, 2022.

This came as good news to all workers in the country. However, workers are yet to receive their Cost of Living Allowance for July. But the good news is that the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission has said the COLA will soon hit the account of the Ghanaian workers.

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