It Is Time To Speak: Prophet Kofi Oduro Drops Another Message To Ghanaians.

God always has a message for his people through his pastors, prophets, Evangelists, and Archbishops. There is time for everything and this is the time for Prophet Kofi Oduro to speak on issues happening in the country. Prophet Kofi Oduro drops a bold message to the leaders and business tycoons in Ghana.

According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, this is the time our leaders and Ghanaians should trust in God alone. Those who depend on the arm of fresh will fail. God is the ultimate provider in times of difficulties. Prophet Kofi Oduro backed his message with Job 24: 24.

“God will turn the wisdom of the wise into foolishness. Those who trust in God and made him their only priority will stand in these difficult times. We are living in very difficult times. This is not the time to entertain jokes. The Bible calls these perilous times. I am telling the businessmen and leaders in this country to depend on God Almighty. We must fear God and depend on him. Anyone who depends on the arm of man and connections will fail. Who doesn’t want to be rich on this earth”. – Prophet Kofi Oduro speaks.

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