Is This The Ghana Our Ancestors Left Us? Where Do We Start From?

Today, 4th August is Founders’ Day. Even that is not devoid of controversy as we struggle over whether our nation has a founder or founders. 

Regardless of one’s position, one thing we all admit is that this is not the great Ghana we dream of. Too many of our people are living like refugees in their own country. Millions are enduring acidic poverty in the abundance of wealth and opportunities that only few are enjoying. 

This is not the Ghana our ancestors, forefathers dreamt of. It cannot be the Ghana we desire to live in. Certainly, not the Ghana we would love to bequeath to future generations. 

Where do we start from to redefine our path out of this squalor? What should we do? 

As a people, we should have the courage to uncover and discuss openly the most sensitive issues of our past, our present and our future with a collective desire to work in unison to redefine our path out of our unpleasant destination. 

We need to know and appreciate where we are from with insight to know why we are here. 

We have to carefully diagnose why great brains like the Nkrumahs, Danquahs, Gbedemahs, Busias and many others could not work together to actualize the dreams and aspirations of the millions who excitedly applauded their efforts on the day of independence. 

And, we have to all say “NEVER AGAIN”; never again should we allow the things that denied our forefathers their dreams and aspirations to do same to us. Never should we permit the ills and evils that killed them leaving young Ghana orphan in her teenage years in political wilderness to hold us back.

It seems to me that the greed, selfishness, ill-suscipions, unforgiveness, animosity and arrogance in power are all the banes to our collective growth to trap us in perpetual dehumanizing deprivation. 

We have more than enough resources to build a prosperously beautiful nation for all of us not just a few. We need a nation in which, where one comes from, who gave birth to him or her, the party he or she belongs, one’s religious background or ethnicity doesn’t matter than their innate potentialities.

The current constitution should also be amended to help fix its loopholes that breeds corruption. There should be a referendum to confirm that it needs amendment. This is where to start from.

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