Is Keeping Pubic Hair Healthy? Know Reasons, Benefits And Answers To Your Queries Here.

We are usually not very open to talk about pubic hairs, are we? However, we all want to know about its relation to our health. We all are aware how important grooming is for our health. It does not just consist of dress and makeup but also depends upon our personal hygiene. Our body is enriched with hairs around that have different function except for just looking good. Pubic hair is also a natural part of our body and nobody should be ashamed of it. In fact pubic hair is also there on the body to serve a purpose. It is true that some people keep it, some trim it and other keep it clean, but naturally there are some reasons which pubic hair fills. Today we are going to discuss about the purpose of having pubic hair and answer queries related to it.

Does Pubic Hair have a Purpose?

We spoke to Dr. Abeer Mishra, General Physician in Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida. He told us that pubic hair does serve more than one purpose on the body. The most important purpose and responsibility of pubic hair is to reduce friction while indulging in sexual practices. Another important function of pubic hair is to prevent transmission of bacteria and other pathogens inside the body and your private parts. Therefore keeping your pubes could be quite beneficial for you rather than feeling ashamed of it.

Is it unhygienic to keep Pubic hair?

One of the most common questions which have about pubic hair is that if it is hygienic. There are many myths and misconceptions which have made us believe that pubic hair are unhygienic. The truth is that it is absolutely safe and hygienic to keep pubes as long as you keep your hygiene maintained. You need to bath and wash your pubes with antibacterial soap to keep them clean and hygienic. This is because pubic hairs contain sweat, bacteria, and oil trapped inside them, which might result to bad odor and risk of increase risk of infections. Hence it is beneficial to wash it regularly.

This does not mean that people who trim of clean their pubic hair should be worried; there is absolutely no harm in cleaning it up. It depends on you how you like to keep it and what suits you.

What are the benefits of keeping Pubic hair?

Well there are number of benefits that are linked to pubic hair, some of them have been mentioned by doctor in above. Therefore let us talk about this in detail.

1. Reducing Friction

As mentioned earlier that pubic hair reduces the friction and acts as a protective layer while doing sexual activities. This is important because your genital area is comparatively sensitive and more friction could lead to certain problems as well. Apart from this pubic hair also keep the genital section warm which helps to maintain the body temperature and arouse sexxual feelings. 

2. Provides protection from bacteria and other toxins

Another reason for keeping pubic hair is about its protection layer which keeps germs and bacteria from entering inside the body. Function of pubic hair is similar to that of hair inside nose, it traps down the bacteria, pathogens, germs and other harmful microorganisms. It also helps in production of hair follicles that are responsible to produce sebum. Sebum is oil which prevents bacteria from reproducing, natural disinfectant of the body.

It also protects the person from infections such as following-

i. Vaginitis

ii. Yeast infections

iii. Cellulites

iv. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases

v. Urinary tract infections

3. Pheromone Transmission

Another purpose of pubic hair is transmission of pheromones. This is a natural chemical produced in the body that affects your mood and behavior. A person is influenced by this smell and scent while having sexual intercourse. Also it influences sexuality to a certain level, the reason for which is still unknown. 

This chemical is secreted from the apocrine sweat glands which is present in good number near pubic section of a person. Therefore it is really healthy and beneficial for the body to have pubic hair which does not take much from you.

4. Increases Reproductive Behavior

This does not mean that people with pubic hairs tend to have more effective reproductive ability. Increase in reproductive ability refers to the physical signs which signal at the maturity of the person. Pubic hair appears in adolescence which determines one’s maturity of reproductive growth and functioning. People having pubic hair also develop early contact with their partner and have signs of maturity.

Is there something like too much growth?

The growth of pubic hair depends on the testosterone levels of person in the body, they are different in every individual. This determines that different people have varied pubic hair. There is nothing such as too much hair to be honest. It is absolutely healthy and safe to have more hair on your genital area. 

However in addition to this, if there is instant growth or instant reduction in pubic hair, that could be symptoms of underlying health diseases. This could include the following problems-

i. Polycystic ovary syndrome

ii. Irregular periods

iii. Low testosterone levels

iv. Erectile dysfunction

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