In Accra, a mentally ill man kills two men with a machete.

Two guys were injured by a man who is thought to be mentally challenged and suffered horrible machete wounds; one of the victims’ fingers was gone. The victims were sent to the hospital.

The violent event is said to have taken place early on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, in Anyaa NIC in the Greater Accra Region.

The supposed mentally ill guy, simply known as Mawuko, was accused of killing neighbourhood chickens for consumption, but residents were usually afraid to approach him since he always carried a machete, which he occasionally used to intimidate them.

However, on the day of the incident, one of the victims claimed discovered Mawuko was slaughtering his chickens. Outraged, he reportedly marched to Mawuko’s residence and confronted him, sparking an argument and a fight.

The victim then tried to fight back as Mawuko tried to butcher him with the same machete he had been using to slaughter the bird. As a result, one of his fingers was sliced off.

When a second first victim’s relative saw that his brother was in danger, he hurried to the scene to support him in disarming Mawuko. But he also suffered from splitting his hand in half.

Evangelist Willie claims that Mawuko, a long-time resident of the region, built a wooden building that is fastened to the fence wall of one of the inhabitants. According to reports, the concerned homeowner had complained to the local police about the potential threat Mawuko presented to the safety of locals, but the police allegedly told him that it was not their responsibility to remove Mawuko from the neighbourhood.

Fury is building among the people after he carried out a savage assault on them as they are reportedly preparing to band together to enforce the law and deal with the allegedly mentally ill individual.

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