I’m tired of staying in Ghana, I want to relocate – Obroni Kojo Nino

German-based in Ghana, Obroni Kojo Nino has is closed that he may relocate to Germany with his family because of the current economic crisis in Ghana. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Kojo Nino indicated that despite the peace in Ghana, he prefers to have found his feet in Germany before migrating to Ghana. According to him, the ‘pressure’ in Ghana might force him out.

“If you have a good job, house, and car, then Ghana is the place to stay. I wish I grew up in Germany and worked and invested in Ghana. But we are now trying to go back, hustle to bring it here. 

If someone buys me a ticket to Germany, I’ll leave. We are still processing documents for my wife and kids. Eventually, we will relocate. I’m tired. Take the rest. (Ghana) is tough,” he said on SVTV Africa. 

According to Nino, his mother is unhappy about the idea of leaving Ghana, but he has to go. 

“She doesn’t want me to go because I’m the firstborn, and I know more about the family business than the rest. But I’ll leave because the pressure is too much,” he added. 

Nino Kleinebudde, as he is privately known, was born to German parents in Germany and migrated to Ghana with his mother at age 1. Kojo has not been to Germany and has no idea of his father’s whereabouts. 

Kojo Nino attended a technical school and progressed to IPMC, where he got his first degree in Digital Graphics. Besides his acting career, Nino uses African prints to redesign already-made Converse shoes. 

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