I’m Still A Virgin But Dating Two Guys – Onli MC Reveals

Onli MC

It was a short trip to the Upper East region of Ghana which ended up achieving great results, as the man Sammy Flex spoke to many talent-packed musical acts who despite their gargantuan talents have never tasted the spotlight before. One of such talented yet low-key artists is the boss of the Naughty Girls Army, Onli MC who pass through the Talk Show with Sammy Flex, aired on Sammy Flex TV a few days after.

Introducing herself as the Onli MC, a surreptitious yet astute afrobeat artist. She asserted the MC in her name stands for Mighty Child and not the master of ceremony as many might have thought.

Being the only child of her parents who are not natives of the Upper East, Onli MC affirms that her dad is a businessman but she chose music because she believes everyone has a purpose in life. Aside from that, her introverted personality makes music her only friend, and that explains why she doesn’t want to follow in her dad’s footsteps but rather be in her own. “I believe everybody has a purpose in life……as I indicated earlier, I am an introvert, I like to be on my own and music is the only friend that I have. So right now, they gave birth to me here, I grew up here but I don’t have friends, music is the only friend that I have” she emphasized.

Onli MC

Clearing the air about how she sells her craft to consumers in the environment she finds herself in, she revealed that though she has a solitary personality and doesn’t understand the native language, God does come through at most times for her. She further disclosed that she knows how to package herself as a product so people will like and patronize what she is offering. So when she has a song, many from afar can tell her agenda while she approaches without her even doing the most.

The UEMA female vocalist conservative winner tipped “Dila Ni Dam” a joint with Teflon Flexx as her biggest song so far. Only MC also confirmed that she is a lover of nature and picks her inspirations be it appearance or whatsoever from that regard.

in the Upper East and Ghana, in general, is dominated by the male gender, however, Onli MC believes whatever men do, women can do and do it better and will therefore work harder to achieve her target despite the setbacks she faces a female.

She lamented over how many investors will only want to take advantage of your body and not your craft when you approach them. “It’s not easy as a female because sometimes you look for investors or go to people to invest and all they want is your body, not in for your agenda or your talent. So if you are not able to stand still, you will go down”, Onli MC grieved.

Twisting the mind of the host and viewers, Onli MC claimed she is still a virgin despite dating two exuberant guys. She warned that the host knows her guys but may not believe her but the host insisted she mentions them, Lo and beholds, the two guys Onli MC is dating who have never touched her hence keeping her virginity intact are Jesus Christ and music.

It was such a lovely discussion with the confidence level of Onli MC being at its maximum which astonishes many though she already stated earlier that what men can do women can do and do it better.

Onli MC is working on new projects which will soon be out!


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