If Your Phone Battery Doesn’t Last long, See 4 Way To Fix It

Phones have batteries that are made of lithium and if not properly maintained, the battery could be damaged. If your phone battery doesn’t last long, here are 4 ways to fix it.

1. Don’t starve your android phone, the optimal battery percentage is 20% to 80%. it’s prudent to keep your phone battery within this range as opposed to charging it to 100% and utilizing it to 0%. This will keep and make your battery to last long.

2. Uninstall some applications that you don’t need that drains the battery of your android phone.You can check the applications that are depleting your battery by just going to battery utilization in battery settings.

3. Avoid utilizing your phone while charging it. Let your phone charge adequately before utilizing it. A few phones are capable of executing such task while others can’t perform the task. You ought to abstain from pressing your phone while charging it in order to maintain the phone’s battery.

4. Avoid exposing your phone to an excessive amount of warmth or an excess of cold, don’t keep or overlook your phone in the cooler, if your phone heats up, switch it off and allow it to cool for some time.

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