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If you see this insect in your house, you must do these immediately (Very Important)

Centipede is one of the feared insect because of it’s reputation of bitting and injecting venom. We are in the beggining of summer now and since temperaturesstart to rise there will be more rainfall & with an increased rainfall wewill start to see different kind of animals, insects and other things because rain bring everything to the surface.

Centipede can enter your house through a open door or window. If you allow your door to open during the day for a very long time, there is possibility that a centipede might crawl inside the house and hide under the furniture. It can also enter in the open window but this is highly unlikely because most windows are at the top of the house even though the centipede can climb the wall because of its many legs.

If you encounter centipede inside your house the first thing to do is to remain calm and not panic about the situation. You must use a broom stick or any other stick that can be perect to drag it out of the house. Or you can use the broom to sweep it out. You must not touch this insect with your naked hands while it is alive because some people reportedly to have been bitten by TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

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