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If You Have This 8 Qualities All Women Will Want You Especially No 4

1.Men who can cook – Did you know that a guy who can cook is more attractive than that who can’t cook?.A man in the kitchen looks very seductive indeed,women love that. So if you want to be appealing to your girl,learn how to cook!.

2.Men with flat/toned stomach – Don’t be deceived that a potbelly is attractive. Its not. It makes you look boring,lazy and careless. You might look rich but its not attractive. Women love the six packs on men’s chest. Everyone wants to be with someone who is fit anyway.

3.Men who love animals – A man who love pets is usually kind and caring and women love that. So stop kicking that cat next door. It might just be the reason why you are always lonely and cold!.

4.Men with cash – Nowadays if you don’t have money its most likely you will always be single. Women love expensive hairstyles,road trips,gifts,shoes,dresses,make up and etc. So how will you be able to afford that if you don’t have money. Remember the more able you are,the more attractive you are. So,be INDEPENDENT!.

5.Men with beards – Yes!I don’t mean the unkept ugly beard but the clean trimmed one. That makes you so attractive as a man. You look manly. So next time don’t shave completely because you look like a kid. I wouldn’t date a kid!.

6.Men with thick eyebrows – Did you notice that men have naturally appealing eye brows than women?.If you haven’t then do your research!.I love a man with good eyebrows.

7.His Scent – I don’t mean the sweat of course but the natural smell. This drives women crazy. If he uses a good cologne,the more attractive he becomes.

8.Men with deep voice – This is so attractive,it makes a man look more manly and dominant. This is why every girl would go wow when a guy with this attribute begins to talk. He is more attractive than a man with a high pitched voice!.


  1. From my experience, there’s one thing a man must have, and 99.9% of women wld fall for him; dt’s No. 4 on d list. Every other one is probably an added advantage, which might not be appreciated, anyway. Women can say otherwise with their mouth, but deep down their heart, No. 4 is all they want. Finished!

    1. Now that we actually can’t get a man with all these qualities at a go, a woman will get her favorite man with the most appealing qualities to her. The missing qualities in her man she will get them from mpango wa kando.

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